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Rains, don't be so beautiful. You make me wish to go out always!

"Chalo guys lonavala jatey hai" "How about going to marine lines?" "Ek plate Maggi aur garam chai is all I want right now" "Yaar! Ek plate pakoda mil jaye toh life sort hai" !! Everyday thing during rains, isn't it?

With rains come so many emotions. The Emotions that we want to live at that very moment. Woh gilli mitti ki sugandh, voh pehli barish ki coffee, immediately messaging your friends, how good the weather is and going out is the thing, and why not? It' the perfect time and atmosphere to step out and what better than spending it with our near and dear ones. We all share that bond with rains and friends together and with it automatically comes the craving for some staple food during rains. After all that's when you feel romantic and also want to be pampered. Getting lazy and cozy with some food in your hands and friends by your side just makes it up. Agreed or not?

But hey hey!! Is it that easy to make a plan?

Hands up everybody if you're one of them who always face problems of getting people to reply on your messages on WhatsApp. Oh! See, there you laugh. I totally feel you. After putting several question marks is when your friends feel the need to reply since you're giving them all the attention they should get. Your phone starts buzzing and there is a sense of anxiety you feel in your stomach, hoping to receive some positive replies but to your luck these are the replies you come across, "Bhai, kaam hai yar. Possible nahi hai aaj. Pehle se plan kiya rehta to ho jata" "Areyy! Listen, you all carry on na, mom's not allowing me." "Let's go next weekend, I already have plans." "Are you madd? Who's going to get out in this weather. It sucks, you continue" And finally there'll be somebody who says a "yes". A ray of hope rises finally. But that's not it, "Let the rains stop. We should go out then" is the thing that pops up. Pretty much annoying, isn't it? The dreams of enjoying the chai with maggi or a plate of pakoda with your friends, just remains a dream.

Let's take a reality check now. What do we end up doing? Staring at our phone contacts and finding that one person who can just be the right one to hangout with, in this beautiful weather. Or may be popcorn or maggi in the hand, dark room - enough to make you feel cozy and your favorite romantic film.

True story of life, right?

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