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Hi! I'm Labdhi Vora, a social media marketing specialist, brand strategist and an event planner, most passionate about Weddings. I'm fond of experiences and culture which makes me a good storyteller. In keeping up with this exciting development, I started my blog by the name Explorer's Ecstasy. My love for travel, culture and telling stories can be evidenced on my Website, Facebook page as well as Instagram - @explorers_ecstasy.
As a child, marriages always fascinated me. The emotions & traditions involved in weddings immensely influenced my career choice.  I wanted to become a Wedding Planner.
Along with taking BMM, I studied Event Management from a renowned institute in Mumbai. 
But eventually, I landed up working at a Digital Media Marketing Firm. While I was here, I worked upon several brands from various industries. Since it was a startup, I took up several roles that indeed proved to be a memorable training ground. 
Later on, I went on to pursue my Masters in the field of entertainment, media and advertising from K.C.College. While I was studying, I started freelancing as a brand strategist. My first client happened to be a small event planning firm. I, fortunately, got an opportunity to not only take up social media marketing for them but also work on several events with them and that's where my journey in Events began.
Since then, I started taking up projects for both, social media marketing/brand strategising and event planning. I helped small brands build a social media presence keeping in mind the budget constraints of my client. I also helped a few brands build marketing strategies for better customer retention, visibility and recall.
I worked with an event planning firm based on projects and also took up events independently. One of my favourite projects was with the Lions Club of Juhu where I organized a Treasure Hunt in Mumbai for a fundraiser event.
Just when I was about to make a permanent shift to Wedding Planning, the pandemic happened. As being one of the industries that have been largely affected, I had no choice but to change my plans. 
The lockdown helped be combine both; my profession and my passion driving me to come up with something of my own - The Hob&Nob Club; A virtual business networking platform for young entrepreneurs and professionals to connect, network, learn and grow through our well-curated experiential events without having to compromise on the fun factor. 
While my journey as a Brand Strategist and Social Media Marketing stays constant. 
Feel free to connect with me regarding the club membership or just to talk about Blogging, Social Media Marketing or Brand Strategizing. - voralabdhi@gmail.com




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