Labdhi Vora

Exploring in any form is absolutely an ecstasy for Labdhi Vora. Her love for exploring has made her fall in love with not only herself but also the world around her. She believes happiness is in the smallest of the things, all you gotta do is recognize it. She's an absolute lover of traveling, doesn't matter whether it's her own city or anywhere around the world. She loves observing, learning and making those small memories over food, experiences or even fashion for that matter. She believes that she is a global child of this entire global village, and all of this can be witnessed through her Blog and Instagram where she constantly strives to convey her thoughts and the stories that she comes across. 

Professionally, Labdhi Vora is a freelancer in the area of Marketing and Event Planning. Precisely, Digital Media Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Social events (Weddings, Birthdays, etc.). She believes in taking up projects which coincide with her beliefs because only then can you be impactful, together. And, isn't that all we need today as far as this profession is concerned? 

All this put together, makes a happy place for Labdhi.




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