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About Explorer's Ecstasy

Hey there, I'm Labdhi Vora, a Social Media Marketing Specialist & an event planner, most passionate about Weddings. I'm fond of experiences & culture which makes me a good storyteller. In keeping up with this exciting development, I started my blog by the name Explorer's Ecstasy. My love for travel, culture & telling stories can be evidenced on my Website, Facebook as well as Instagram - @explorers_ecstasy.

As a child, marriages always fascinated me. The emotions & traditions involved in weddings immensely influenced my career choice. I wanted to become a Wedding Planner.
Along with pursuing BMM, I studied Event Management from a renowned institute in Mumbai. But eventually, I landed up working with Digital Media Marketing Firm. While I was here, I worked with many brands from various industries. Since it was a startup, I took up several roles that indeed proved to be a memorable training ground.

Later, I went onto pursue my Masters in the field of entertainment, media & advertising from K.C.College. While I was studying, I started freelancing as a brand strategist. My first client happened to be a small event planning firm. With them, I fortunately received an opportunity to work on events as well.

In between juggling 2 things that I love, I primarily decided to chase event design and planning for the love of all things love. While this is something that I do for my daily bread and butter, telling and sharing stories is something that comes naturally to me and which is why I continue to do so to the best of my capacity by choosing to work with brands that align with my ideology of creating an impact through social media marketing in its own little ways.

Both these worlds put together is where my small space lies and I’m only hopeful for it be that ways for as long as possible.

Feel free to connect with me regarding events, social media marketing or just anything else -’’ 

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