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'The Hob&Nob Club' is a virtual networking platform which is the first of its kind offering young entrepreneurs & professionals a chance to connect, network, learn & grow through our experiential & carefully curated events that not only allow you 'hobnob' with like-minded individuals, but also connect you with insights, solutions & valuable information from your interactions with industry experts


About Us!

The Hob&Nob Club aims to be your 'Social support network' that is started with the belief that every single one of us is resilient, and that our resilience can be fostered with the help and support of a community.

We're a result of the pandemic that the world is facing at present and also the realization of the mere fact that your network in all the sense is your NetWorth.


While the globe is at standstill, life doesn't really stop and nor does your work. The aim of the club is to offer all its members with a support network which is highly influential and a community which is solution-oriented. Learning and sharing expertise & experiences is a routine that we're aiming to build through all our communication platforms as well as the exclusive events that we curate for our members.

We offer monthly membership which comes with a nominal fee. To know more about us, get in touch!


How does it work?

Reviewed Memberships

All our members at 'The Hob&Nob Club' are first screened and then verified. We believe in building a community which is focused, diverse and influential.

3 exclusive Hob&Nob events a month

One month with the club includes, 'The Networking Chamber, Expert E-Talk and Untamed Social'. These virtual meetups ensure an eventful experience along with exchange of valuable information through structured conversations. 

Endless HobNobbing

Endless insightful interactions through all our communication platforms are a bonus every month. We aim to build a support network which is solution-oriented and influential.

Your Network is your NetWorth!

An investment worth making...


Events Roll Out

The Networking Chamber

The networking chamber is all about building connections, learning and growing personally as well as professionally through the process of structured conversations and breakout room interactions which are solution-oriented.



Every month, an expert is invited to interact with the members of our club. We live in an age where all-round growth has become essential. At our club, we make sure to give that exposure which in turn leads to quality growth, personally and professionally.




So what if we're virtual? We don't leave any stones unturned to make the entire process of networking, fun and exciting. Through our Untamed social, we ensure informal memorable conversations and eventful experiences, taking networking to whole another level. 


Get in touch with us to inquire about membership!
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