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Lockdown life lessons worth learning!

Times have changed and so is the way we live. The COVID - 19 Pandemic has brought the world in a place where we often wonder what's going to happen next? There is no certainty of life nor there is any concrete plan. The situation has indeed left us all with a million uncertainties with no expiry date. Scary, isn't it? But amongst all these problems there are a few good things that I've learned and today, I take this opportunity to embrace and appreciate them all. After all, Life doesn't stop so kinda trying to make living life a little better each day. I'm really trying and I'm sure most of y'all are.

  1. Accept your flaws and fears and try acting upon them. Running away from it is going to bring back the pain again and again at many points in life.

  2. Sometimes, fear protects. We've become more aware of the possible threats around us during the pandemic. And hence more careful.

  3. In the whole wide world, your family is #1. Spending quality time each day is now on my to-do list. There's no place better than your family, especially your mother's lap. It is magical.

  4. We finally realize, what it takes to handle the house. Keeping the house sane and mending it when needed is the job, that of a superman/superwoman that not everybody can pull off!

  5. Having said that, building a home is not a single person's duty. Be as much involved and contribute to it as much as you can.

  6. Staying at home can be entertaining too. Spend some quality time with your family and you will learn ways to enjoy with your fam which you otherwise never thought.

  7. Be more observant about the helplessness that your parents/grandparents may feel sometimes. Life can be difficult at some point in time and it is our chance to make sure they're mentally stable and happy.

  8. Express love to somebody you genuinely love. We're living a life which is highly uncertain. So better late than never.

  9. Resolve conflicts before you get to bed each day. As I said, life is very uncertain.

  10. Health is wealth. Invest some time in your mental and physical well being.

  11. The lockdown has resulted in the act of gifting and making birthdays/anniversaries special. Let's try and continue this tradition. It nourishes the bond and it feels special.

  12. Think before you complain. There are millions who are in the worst of situations as compared to you.

  13. Be thankful and feel blessed. Because most of us really are. We possibly can't imagine what many are going through. The thought of it gives me jitters.

  14. Be grounded coz only then can we be kind and empathetic. The world is in dire need of care and kindness.

  15. Appreciate. Coz a few words can enlighten one's mood including your own. Remember, Positive vibes only!

  16. Show gratitude to all the people who are working for you, purely out of their helplessness. You wouldn't be living in peace without them.

  17. Be open to learning new things/skills in life. It only benefits.

  18. Everybody can cook and it isn't really that boring. It is a realization of the fact that you're capable of creating your own nourishment.

  19. Call your friend and let them know you love them and care for them. A few words from you dear ones can help one sail through the toughest of the times.

  20. Don't expect too much coz everybody is going through a rough patch. That doesn't mean they don't love and care for you enough.

  21. Avoid stressing over things that are beyond your control. It sure is easier said than done but it is the harsh truth.

  22. Go with life as it comes. We have no choice but to get used to it.

  23. We all have that one skill which we never thought we actually did after the lockdown happened. Embrace it and imply it professionally if need be.

  24. Patience is the key to peace.

  25. Meditation can really help bring in some peace and positivity in life. Try it out.

  26. Saving money can help. You never know, what life has in store for us so might as well be prepared for the worst.

  27. We're learning to love local. Basically everything which is more personal and connected to us that ensures safety.

  28. Let's try and be mindful about all the valuable things we own along with the preciousness of the company we're in.

  29. Karma is really a bitch so think twice before you do wrong.

  30. We finally are learning to be more caring towards the Mother Earth and its natural beauty.

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