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Hamilton Pool, Austin - USA

Natural Pools have always been very fascinating, isn't it? While my visit in Austin, I was pretty excited to visit HAMILTON POOL. Looks artificial but is totally natural.

The place looked very beautiful and peaceful. It was pretty much like a small beach with water falls where people could get their picnic stuff and relax or just sleep under the sun or take a dip into the chilling waters of the pool.

To reach this place one needs to trek for 15 mins and trust me it's not tiring. It's worth to trek down this place. There's also a way made for the people to walk behind the falls to reach to the other side of the pool if you don't prefer swimming.

Love birds can't get enough of this place. You all can find your own little spot in between the rocks behind the falls and also take a swim into the pool together.

In short if you're in Texas, do take a visit to Hamilton Pool, Austin. it's worth the money and time and is also a place to make some good memories.

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