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Fun activities to do in Mumbai!

About time we break our everyday monotony and do something more fun coz its the need of the hour. Everybody's busy attending college or making money or doing something or the other and the little time that we have is where we act all lazy. But not anymore coz we have listed down some fun activities that Mumbai has for all of us. And we mean it, FUN! They really are. You should check it for yourself. You won't regret. Promise!

1. Soapy football

Have you ever thought of playing football on a soapy inflated terrain? Time for you to take a few hours off and go for this fun activity in Mumbai.

This place has got a set up on the terrace of one of the buildings in Dadar. The inflated structure is well covered with tubes around, protecting you from sliding out. Once you've booked your slot, head there for an insane one hour of tumbling over each other, sliding, laughing, kicking and a tough fight between between both the teams. It's going to be a crazy experience.

Tell me more!

  • Pre Book it.

  • Remember to carry an extra pair of clothes and a towel.

  • Bruises and soreness tags along with you while you're back home. Haha!


Rs 3000 for an hour for a group of 16 people, maximum. Not bad at all coz the cost gets divided. Avoid if you'll are less than 8 people.


Mad over Sports - Rooftop, Hotel Shantidoot, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, Dadar East, Mumbai.

2. Trampoline park

Trampoline is one of the few things that we adults, still enjoy fantasizing about. The jump zones and the fun associated with is something that we all love and fortunately, Mumbai has recently come up with a few adult trampoline parks to fulfill the desires of an excited child in us. If you haven't been, it's about time that you should.

What to expect?

Few minutes of exciting jumps, bouncing and few seconds of comfort in the sponge pool or the inflated bed and the child in you is happy and satiated. Good stress buster, isn't it?


Fun O Factory - R City Mall, Ghatkopar West.

Let's Play Party - Andheri. They have one more branch in Thane where they have many other challenging and fun activities for kids and adults to participate in.

Rush - Fort


For 30 minutes - Rs. 400 to Rs.600 approximately, per person.

3. Board Game Cafe

If you think board gaming is kiddish, you haven't been to a Board Game Cafe yet. I'm not talking about a cafe who has got a collection of 5 to 10 games but I'm talking about a place which is fully dedicated to board gaming. And you will be surprised with the number board games they have. Nearly 250. Not kidding!

What to expect?

Some fun along with some board gaming is what you can expect. They have a range of different types of games that include strategy games, couple friendly games, big group games, fun games etc. The list goes on and it only gets better.

So what I'm saying is, next time when you plan on meeting your friends, go to a board game cafe. You're bound to be addicted to the vibe and the board gaming culture.

Tell me more!

  • Are you the only one in your group who wish to go for Board Gaming? No worries.. Chai and Games - A board game cafe in Vile Parle will connect you with the best people to play whatever game you like playing. Exploring alone is good sometimes and it gets better when you are surrounded with like minded people.

  • The games that I personally love are - Catan, Las Vegas, Splendor, Code names, Word street etc.


Chai and Games Board Game Cafe - Irla, Vile Parle West (Personal Favourite)

Pair-a-dice - Oshiwara

Ministry of Games - Juhu, Lokhandwala & Versova.


The cost varies from cafe to cafe. However, the starting price for an hour is Rs. 150 approximately. FYI - If you're a frequent visitor to a particular board game cafe, they have daily/monthly passes as well which will be a better deal for you. Inquire now!

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4. Solve a mystery

It's the time for you to explore the inner sherlock within yourselves.

Meet the sherlocks.

What to expect?

Get locked into a room and with the help of several clues and hints try and solve the mystery that will take you to the exit. The objective of the game is to escape the room in one hour. It's not just exciting but also is a good brain teaser.

Tell me more!

  • There are several themes that you can choose from, some of which are The art gallery, Jail escape, the terrorist hideout, illuminati, the lost kingdom etc.

  • More the people, more reasonable it gets. But it is still on an expensive side.

  • Avoid going on weekends. Really expensive.

  • It is a one hour activity.


Clue Hunt - Several Locations

Mystery Rooms - Andheri

Amazing Escape - Andheri

Escapology - R City Mall, Ghatkoper West

No Escape - Malad


Varies from place to place. However, it may range from Rs. 600 to Rs.850, per person.

5. Fly a Plane

Flying a plane has been an unaccomplished dream for so many of us. Well, this place has got you covered with an extremely realistic flying experience. The simulations and a functional cockpit makes you feel as if you’re flying a plane for real. No kidding!

PC - Flyingmaven

What to expect?

Become a pilot at least for a few minutes (15 mins, 30 mins or 60 mins) and control the cockpit like a complete boss. The simulations and the screen in front of you will bring your dream of flying into reality which is not so real but good enough. Haha! While you’re in there, you can take off, fly and land your dream flight all by yourself like a pro.

Tell me more!

  • You have 3 models to choose from for a great flying experience. They are – Commercial Jet (Boeing 737), Fighter Jet (Military plane) and General Aviation.

  • Adults, this is not only for kids, you can accomplish your dreams of flying too ;)


Flight 4 Fantasy - Phoenix Marketcity, S31, Kurla West, Mumbai and Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport.


It starts from Rs. 1250 approximately for a session.

6. Go for night cycling in Mumbai

Empty roads and silent Mumbai...not something that we can relate to, isn't it? Well, midnight cycling tour is going to change your perceptions about this already beautiful city.

Pedaling through the heritage sights and the coastal route, like minded people and midnight munching, all together will make up for a perfect break from this bustling city coz this time you're going to experience Mumbai when the city is sleeping and believe us, it is a sight you would not want to miss out on.

What to expect?

Good company, Motivating People & Adventurous souls

Many many breaks in between the journey.

Few munching stops

And a sigh of relief at Bandstand

Where? Starts Colaba - Nariman Point - Haji Ali, Worli Sea Face, Shivaji Park - Mahim Dargah - Bandra Bandstand (End point). It is a 25 Km long stretch. Oh! Don't panic already. You will do it coz I did it.


The cost of this activity differs from company to company and the things that they have to offer to you. There are some companies who charge Rs. 600 and there are some who charge more than Rs.1000. However, the route mostly remains the same.

Book your spot with -

7. Go for a Latin Dance Night at a popular Bar in Mumbai

Let's give a break to casual/social meet ups and rather go for something more exciting in the city. How about grooving onto some beats? There are several restaurants in Mumbai that organise Latin Night/Bachata Night and you'll be splendid looking at people dance so beautifully and comfortably.

What to expect?

Some ice breaking session by dancers well versed with latin form of dance followed by a bunch of other people joining on the dance floor, randomly pairing up to put up with the social dance night and then switch and repeat again. This continues and only gets better and easier.

Tell me more!

  • Solo or in a group, doesn't really matter. All that matters is you being open to some craziness and you're sorted for the evening. And believe us, it is worth it.

  • If you think the social dance night is only meant for dancers then let us prove you wrong. Some places do host workshops that later turns into a social dance night, leaving you on the floor with many people approaching you already. So go ahead. We know you can do this. Yeyy!


  • Raasta, Khar hosted by Cornel & Rithika - Every Tuesdays. Free entry for girls and Rs. 500 cover charge for boys.

  • Fun Republic Social hosted by Latin Twist - Every Wednesdays. Entry fee is Rs. 300 for all, and the price includes an hour of Bachata workshop. Much preferred if you're a newbie to learning Latin dance form.

8. Play laser tag

You’re never too old to play Laser Tag so wait no more. Divide yourself into teams, pull your jackets and get your hands on the laser guns, and get the fight started. The gaming scenario here is pretty cool and we're sure you're going to have a fun time here. So when are you planning to go for this super fun activity?

Laser Tag Arena. PC - _the_bucket_listt

Tell me more!

Mumbai has got only one arena for Laser Tag which is in R City Mall and fortunately it is quite spacious that can accommodate about 10 to 12 enthu cutlets. So if you’ve got a big group, this is one of the activities that you can go for, in Mumbai.


What the Fun - R City Mall, 3rd Floor, T-25 & 26, LBS Road, Ghatkopar West.


Rs. 300 approximately for a 15 minutes session.

9. Play Paintball

Time for you and your friends to do something different, this weekend. Put on your masks and your fighter costumes and shoot down your opponent with some bright colours. Sounds fun already, isn't it?


Headrush - Hakone Entertainment, Powai - Along with paintball they have other activities to keep you well entertained such as go-karting, bull riding, bumper cars and boating.

OWG Paintball - Andheri

Juice Adventures - Uttan Road, Bhayander


The cost varies from place to place. However, it starts from Rs. 200 approximately for a minimum of 15 paintballs and goes upto Rs. 1000

10. Go for Bowling

Bowling has given us some good memories since our school days. It is one of the very few activities that never gets boring and we're sure you would agree to this.

Listing down some of the best places to go for bowling in Mumbai.

Where? Amoeba - Phoenix Market City, Kurla. It's the best place to go for bowling in Mumbai coz the fun doubles up. I say this coz you can enjoy this activity over some drinks and light snacks.

Smaaash - Lower Parel

Play Park - Prime Mall, Irla. Vile Parle West.

Timezone - Several Locations.


It varies from place to place. However it ranges between Rs. 200 to Rs. 350, per person.

11. Ice Skating

Planning an outing with all your friends? How about a session of ice skating? We think, it's a great idea to break some monotony in life and get into a holiday mood coz this is the closest you can get to catch a glimpse of everything winter white.


Snow World - Phoenix Market City - Kurla West, Lower Ground Level 58 - 61.


Rs. 600 per person.

12. Attend a Comedy Show

Good laughs, good food and great company! Time well spent over comedy. What do you think?

There are several restaurants/cafes hosting comedy shows or open mics on weekdays/weekends in the evenings. And we think, it is a perfect way to end your day on a lighter and a happy note. Another exciting thing that is happening in Mumbai since quite some time is comedy over your sunday brunch. Good way to kickstart sundays, na?

Where? BookMyShow, friend! It's going to give you all the deets about comedy happenings in the city.

And what you need to know is that they're not at all expensive. It is a cheap treat to stomach and mind that you won't regret.

13. Go for a play at Prithvi Theatre

Prithvi Theatre is one of the most renowned theatres in the city. It was a brain child of Prithviraj Kapoor, the pioneer of Indian cinema and now because of its rich history, performing on this platform has become a dream for many artists. The popularity and the culture of the theatre thus allowed it to become a talent hub for those interested in acting and drama and now it also attracts art loves from all backgrounds. The café out here is equally popular and the vibes that oozes out of this place is what one should definitely experience once in a while.

PC - Prithvi Theatre

Tell me more!

  • Go attend a play at Prithvi and you’re bound to fall in love with the creative and extremely thoughtful performance put up by the talented artists.

  • On Mondays, the theatre remains shut.

  • Café is open on all days and it is LIT. Just go. Not kidding!


Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Rd, Vile Parle (West).


The cost varies from play to play. However, it starts from Rs. 150. Book the ticket from their website.

14. Watch a Cricket Match in Mumbai

Cricket is a religion in India, they say! The excitement and the buzz about cricket match is something that everyone should experience at least once when in India, and nothing better than having to enjoy this moment at the homeground of the city - Wankhede Stadium. You will be blown by the energies, rooting and emotions. Absolutely impeccable!

Tell me more!

Watch a match in Mumbai during IPL(Indian Premier League). It starts in the month of April and goes on till May end. It certainly is an exhilarating experience.


Ranges from Rs.700 to Rs. 3000 or even more. Book your ticket through 'Bookmyshow'!

Wowwwww! Now that's a lot to do in Mumbai.

We have absolutely got your weekends covered. All you need to do is share with your friends, plan, book and enjoy these crazy activities. We're sure, you're going to enjoy them all.

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