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Where the lights never dim - Oasis on Lake Travis, Austin USA

A restaurant where the lights never dim, a restaurant which is never short on its customers, a restaurant that definitely has waiting time anything more than an hour. A restaurant which is 5 storied. A restaurant which has an ambiance to die for. Everything is just so amazing about this restaurant. Let me share my experience in a little more elaborated way.

Oasis is a restaurant which is located on a cliff, 450 feet above the beautiful Travis Lake of Austin. The restaurant has multiple decks spread over 30 thousand square foot. It’s said to be the largest outdoor restaurant in the state of Texas however they also have indoor sitting arranged for their guests.

My friends and I decided to reach this place by evening to witness the sunset which is one of a kind. On reaching there we had to wait for 2 hours to get a table but however the upper decks of the restaurant were open for all the guests to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. The moment I hit the outdoors, I was awestruck by the crowd, view, weather, music, lighting, and so on and so forth. The restaurant was completely packed, in fact over crowded but it was the best crowd I came across. This place looked soooo beautiful. Being here, automatically gave me positive vibes. There was a sudden sense of pride that I felt which had no reason behind it. The place was just so magical. We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the restaurant.

We managed to get ourselves a table on the upper deck where they only serve Mocktails and Cocktails. That was when I wanted the time to go slow because everything about the restaurant was so infectious. When I was just sinking in this happy feel and at the same time trying to take a 100 percent of every second, I came across the most spectacular view. THE SUNSET. Everything was perfect to compliment the sunset. The happiest people around, the lake view, music etc, what else would one ask for? It's one of the best restaurants I have been to, up till now. Not to forget to mention, this restaurant is also referred as the “Sunset Capital of Texas”. It totally does justice to the tag given to it.

It was possibly one of the most breathtaking sunsets we would have ever laid our eyes on. So if you’re in Austin, do not miss out on this place. It is Heaven on Earth.

Credits: Google! We were busy enjoying the Sunset.

Please Note: We couldn’t have our dinner there because we did not get a table. Hence no mentions about the food. But it’s definitely a place to go for some relaxing vibe and a pleasant evening. Also from what I heard, the food they serve is delicious but slightly pricey however it’s worth every penny. Cuisine served: Mexican and American. Restaurant Timing: 11a.m. to 10p.m. Perfect time to visit the restaurant with buffer time: 5p.m.

Quick things to remember about this place:-

  • The best Hangout place, be it with friends or family.

  • Reach before sunset. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ll witness and you’ll also be able to enjoy the night with a breathtaking view of the restaurant.

  • A must go for a scenic view and relaxing vibe.

  • It houses 8 event rooms so if you wish to throw a party, this is the place.

  • It accommodates parties from 2 to 2500, whatever the occasion.

  • A front deck on the extreme side, where you can take a look at the entire restaurant with a view.

  • Occasionally events are organized at the restaurant. Live Bands also perform here.

Hope you guys find this article helpful! For any kind of further questions do not hesitate to buzz me up. Thank you :)

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