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Bunkotel, Mussoorie - The Travellers Home

A trip with friends calls for a budget trip. And why not? That's when we all want to go gaga and get the best out of minimum. A challenge at that time seems to be quiet easy to win because you have the right people and the vibe to motivate and push you.

I was on a trip with my friends to North India and our aim was to maximize how much ever we can in minimum. Staying in hotels take away a lot of money and we were also not up for comprising on our travel. Come on! Who would miss once in a while opportunity. That's when we found about Bunkotel - A hotel with difference or should I just say Hostel.

Out of 4 places we planned to visit, we booked hostels at 2 places. One of our best experiences being in Mussoorie.

Bunkotel, Mussoorie

Located in the center of the city and at one of the most happening places in Mussoorie, this hotel speaks for itself. Bunk beds in all its rooms. While we reached there, it had a road side wing entry which could only allow one person to climb up at a time. It looked kinda shady. We were in doubt of our decision. But that only lasted till we reached our room.

Some rooms had 3 bunk beds and some had 2. The entire room was blue in color, including the bunk beds. We took the room which had 3 bunks, that means it accommodated 6 people. The room had 2 bath rooms, small and surprisingly clean. That's what matters, right? Washrooms be clean and life is sorted. Funny but true.

The room with 3 Bunk Beds!

However, what made it worth was that we all could stay together in one room with our own beds. Since it's just a small room with 6 people, it already feels crowded. So make sure you just have one bag with you. Either a small suitcase or a bag pack that can be put below the bed other wise you might keep on bumping into your friends.

The hostel is of 2 floors, having around 3 to 4 rooms on each floor. The reception hardly looks like one but doesn't matter. It's enough to give you the feels as that of hostel. They don't provide you with food but they do have out sourcing of food. So you can expect delicious Maggi or egg bhurji with a cup of chai for breakfast in your room. You can ask them for a menu as well. And it is value for money totally.

This place is more friendly to travellers and backpackers. So you may happen to make a lot of friends here from all around the world. Or you might also find yourself partying along with them in the night over drinks. You know why? There's an alcohol shop right besides the entry of the hotel and it surely acts as an ice breaker since the people staying at the hostel tend to buy chilled beers in the night only to party or chill for the rest of the time.

So if budget free trip and a beautiful experience is what you're looking for, this Hotel is just the thing. From location to basic comfort, they have it all.

Please note: They don't have a Television in any of their rooms. It gives you the time to connect with your Dear ones and Nature of course!

Happy Faces at Bunkotel

Quickies to remember! !

  • A budget free Hotel with comfort and cleanliness (600 to 1000 Rs. PP)

  • Best location - Mall Road

  • Clean beds and bathrooms

  • Extra bed available on request

  • Ample sockets to charge phones

  • Free WiFi

  • Heater is available during winters

  • Well spoken (Hindi and English) and cordial staff

  • Breakfast served in room

  • Pet friendly hotel

  • Provision of lockers on request

  • ATM/Cash machine on site

  • Early bookings can get you a good deal.

  • Nearest station - Dehradun

Bunkotel is now in Rishikesh as well.

Book Bunkotel Here -

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