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Mumbai Itinerary - 3 nights 4 days

Mumbai..... City of dreams, a city that never sleeps, a city that you may not be able to leave once you live and so on and so forth.... Uff! There's so much about this place that is inexplicable until you visit and see it for yourself. After all, it's just not a city to see but experience and observe. 'Bom-bae', indeed.... (For all those who are confused, Mumbai was earlier known as Bombay).

And for all the love for this beautiful city, the author has compiled an itinerary for 4 days. The following post mentions everything about what should you do while your stay in Mumbai. Hope you guys enjoy the city and the city life!

Day 1 – Suburbs (Borivali and Vile Parle)

Start your day early. Go to Sanjay Gandhi National Park to connect with the only naturistic place in Mumbai. The good thing is you can take your car to stroll inside the park. If you’re keen on some adventure, you can also hire a cycle for as long as you want. If you have enough time, then you can opt to trek as well. The Kanheri Caves are indeed beautiful.

How to Reach?

The best way to reach to the park from anywhere in Mumbai is to take a train to Borivali and then to take an auto from the Borivali East station to National Park. You can also drive down to the Park, however have enough buffer time coz you’re in Mumbai and it’s always jam packed.

Time for lunch.

After a well spent time with nature, it’s the time for you to explore some local Indian flavours.

Here are some Restaurants that you can prefer going to, in Borivali itself.

2. Shopping (Optional. FYI – It’s in your way)

Mumbai is known for its street shopping, and one of the best ones is in Vile Parle West. Walk on the street and I’m sure you’re going to have your eyes glued to the clothes hanging on both the sides of the street. You know what’s best? They’re dirt cheap and good at the same time. They’re more worth it if you have some serious bargaining skills.

How to reach?

You’ve ticked off the best thing in the north of Mumbai. Now time for you to head towards south. Take a stop at Vile Parle West station. Take a slow train from Borivali to Vile Parle. Get down in the west and just walk straight on D.J. Road until you see many shops on the right as well as on the left for some amazing and reasonable clothes. It’s about a 100 meters to 200 meters walk from the station.

Explorer's Ecstasy suggests

Your trip to India and even Mumbai is incomplete if you fail to see temples. And one such temple that you shouldn’t miss seeing is the Isckon Temple which is also popularly known as Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mandir. It’s time for you to peace out and relax for a while. The environment is such that you will automatically feel meditated. The vibes are truly worth experiencing.

That’s also the place where you will be acquainted about the Hindu culture. Amongst all things religion, the other few things that you may want to try is the Food at Govinda Restaurant inside the temple or even snacks for that matter.

How to Reach?

Take an auto from Vile Parle west to Isckon Temple Juhu. The commute to the temple is just about 10 minutes.

Note: The temple opens at 4.30 am in the morning. Close between 1 pm to 4.30 pm. And then shuts at 9 pm.

This café is one of the most popular cafes to visit in Mumbai for a reason. It is a place that has given birth to theatre artists that have done wonders. Confused? Well, this place has a theatre as well as an open café that is very much popular for its irish coffee and cutting chai amongst many other things. Go there and feel the vibe. You’re sure to love every bit of it. It is LIT in every sense.

How to Reach?

The café is about 1 km away from the temple. You can either walk it up or probably take an auto.

Note: The café is full on the weekend. You can expect longer waiting time.

Just about 3 to 4 minutes away from the cafe is the house of the very much renowned Amitabh Bachchan. His words lie in almost every lanes in Mumbai. His followers exist in every nook and corner of the country and his fans are all over the world. Ask any Indian about him and you’ll know who this man is. He is one of the most respected and reputed actors in the Indian Film Industry.

How to reach?

Just walk it up. It’s about 3 to 4 mins away. That’s it.

Note – Go on a Sunday and you will see a bunch of nearly more than 100 people waiting out of his house to just have a glance of him.

What better than ending the day sitting on the beach? Peaceful and just so beautiful.

Explorers Ecstasy Suggests: If you’re hungry you should definitely try having Chana Masala on the beach. It is next level delicious. If you like corn, go for it. The mood and the moment is just perfect to have your hands on it.

How to reach?

Walk it up. It is just 3 mins away. Straight from Amitabh Bachchan’s House. To be sure, ask a local. He will guide you perfectly.

7. Partyyy – Optional

If you have the strength or if you’re in the mood to go party, here’s what Explorer’s Ecstasy Suggests.

How to Reach?

Zomato it. It is very convenient to learn about every restaurant on this application.

Note: All of these restaurants/pubs are close to the Beach.


  • If you need to head back to your hotel/hostel, simply take a cab, Ola or Uber.

  • If you’re staying in suburbs, you can also take an auto. They will easily be available at any time.

  • If you’ve wrapped up your day before 1am, you can travel longer distance through train. Check M-Indicator for train schedules from any station to any station in Mumbai. However, the closest station from any of the restaurants mentioned in point 8 will either be Vile Parle or Andheri. Both are easily accessible.

DAY 2 – Suburbs (Bandra)

Shree Siddhivinayak Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This temple is one of the richest temples, not only in Mumbai but even in India. The faith that people have for this temple is inexplicable. Many people on every Monday night, go to the temple walking from wherever they stay to attend the 1st aarti of the morning since Tuesday is considered to be the day of Ganesha. Trust us, the walk is long but so is the believe.

Start your day with Breakfast at Café Madras. You surely won’t regret. The Udupi style South Indian food served here is worth trying, and what better than having a heavy breakfast to keep you intact to tour the city of Mumbai for the rest of the day?

Explorer’s Ecstasy suggests:

  • Podi Idli

  • Rasam Wada

  • Dosa

How to Reach?

Take a cab from Siddhivinayak Temple (About 4 km) or Take a train to Dadar. Get down on the east side and take a local cab to Café Madras. The distance is of about 2 km (7 to 8 minutes).

Dharavi is considered to be one of the largest slums in the whole of Asia. Spread over 216 hectors Dharavi nearly houses 7, 00,000 people or more. When we talk about slums, poverty is what comes to our mind. But let us correct you, the number of industries operating out of Dharavi is uncountable. Yes! Dharavi consist of many business houses. The annual turnover of business here is estimated to be more than $1 billion a year. And hence, this place is worth touring for obvious reasons.

Get in touch with the Dharavi tour operator to experience the happenings in the Slums.

4. Lunch in Bandra

Bandra is considered as one of the most happening places in Mumbai. The maximum number of restaurants and pubs are all located here. It would be an ideal location for you to probably go have a good time over lunch.

Explorers Ecstasy suggests:

How to Reach?

Take a train to Bandra and then take an auto to the respective restaurant that you wish to go to or directly take a cab/auto from wherever you’re to the restaurant. Refer to Google Maps for best way to reach the location.

5. Hangout in Bandra

Bandra is happening at all times. There is so much to do. After lunch all you got to do is walk, chill, sit, eat and repeat.

  • Go street Shopping at Linking Road in Bandra. You’re at the right place for some cheap shopping.

  • Once you’re super tired of all the shopping, take the magnificent view of Bandra - Worli Sea Link from the Bandra Fort. It is stunning. Really!

  • Chill around Bandstand Promenade. Enjoy the sunset. Try some local food such as chana chor served by the local mobile vendors.

  • Spot another Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s house ‘Mannat’. Ask the locals if you can’t find the house. They will guide you there.

  • If you want some peace out moment, go visit one of the most popular churches in Mumbai, The Mount Mary Church.

  • Lastly enjoy the night at Carters. Quiet often there are street plays being conducted at carters, if you get lucky you might be able to watch one at the amphitheatre located by the sea. If you’re a dog lover, have some quality time at the dog park at carters located by the sea.

  • End your day with some good dinner at Bandra or go out partying.

How to Reach?

All the locations mentioned above are listed according to the route. Some are at walking distance and some may require an auto to reach. Please use Google maps to help you decide your mode of transport.

6. Go Partying.

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. You have all the reasons to party in the city especially when you’re in Bandra.

Explorer’s Ecstasy suggests:

How to Reach?

Zomato it. It is very convenient to learn about every restaurant on this application.

Day 3 – South Mumbai

1. Visit Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai is the biggest open air laundromat in the world where the dhobis (the washers) wash the clothes and linens in open. This activity has been happening over 120 years now. It is really amusing to see all the dhobis work with their hands in their respective cells beating the clothes on the flogging stones.

Learn interesting facts about Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat by touring it. The dhobis really will keep you engaged with everything they know and everything that they can show.

Best time to go: Between 7.30am to 8.30am

How to Reach?

Dhobi Ghat is at a walking distance from Mahalaxmi Station. Use Google Maps to reach to the perfect location.

Note: Do not take any guided tour from any company. Just go there, observe, meet, talk and get hold of somebody who can show you around and take you through the history and the process of laundry. Pay them for the efforts they’ve put. Say around Rs.100.

2. Haji Ali Dargha

Haji Ali Dargha which is more than 400 years old is a very popular attraction amongst the tourists in Mumbai. The mosque is floating in the sea, 500 meters away from the coast. The history of this Indo-Islamic pilgrim is something that would interest you. Do visit the Mosque to feel the magic of the holy land.

How to reach?

Get down at Mahalaxmi station and take a cab to Haji Ali. The distance is just of 2 km.

One of the oldest and very popular legendary Parsi bakery, B. Merwan is a place you should try and visit. From their ambiance to the food that they serve, it is an experience that you will cherish.

Explorer’s Ecstasy suggests:

Mawa Cakes. We hope you get to try them, because they’re often sold out.

How to reach?

The café is located just outside Grant Road Station. Take a cab from Haji Ali to the Café.

4. Gateway Of India and the Taj Mahal Palace

Gate way of India

Gateway of India is the pride of the city of Mumbai. The beautiful structure overlooks the harbour bordered by the Arabian Sea. It is just beautiful being there, spending sometime and clicking some great photographs for the view is so beautiful and picturesque.

From Gateway of India, one can also see the Taj Mahal Palace. One of the oldest and the most luxurious hotels in the country. It has been more than a century since this hotel has been functional.

How to reach?

Get down at the last station that’s either churchgate or CST and take a cab to Gateway of India. The commute should be 10 minutes long.

6. Colaba Causeway

The most popular shopping street in Mumbai is the Colaba causeway, especially for antiques. It is a great place to buy clothes at a reasonable rate, antiques if you love everything vintage and gift articles if you have many people to gift to, something Indian. You better tick off this place from your list. It is a must visit.

How to reach?

Colaba Causeway is just at a walking distance from the Gateway of India. Walk for 5 minutes and you’ll be there. Ask the locals or use google maps to reach to the market.

7. Café’s you should visit while at Colaba Causeway

  • Mondegar Café: The café is beautifully doodled with Mario and other cute cartoons. Great vibe.

  • Leopold Café: This café is not only popular amongst tourists for its food but also one more reason and that’s the terror attack that had happened in the year 2011. The bullet marks are still preserved in the café for the visitors to see them.

How to reach?

Both the cafes are just a minute away from each other and are also in the way while you shop at Colaba causeway.

8. Marine Lines and Girgaon Chowpatty

End your day the light way. Walk by the bae, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the breeze tickling you and your hair. Enjoy the view of Queens Necklace as the lights make an appearance in line after the sun sets. The ambiance just makes the mood right for you to enjoy and take some memories while you leave Mumbai.

Towards the end of Marine Lines is Girgaon Chowpatty, a beach famous for things so many such as food and religious ceremonies. Read about Ganesh Visarjan and it sure will blow your mind. Do not forget to have your hands on some amazing food being prepared by various vendors on the beach. Try out Pav Bhaji, sev puri, anando milk and end it with gola or kulfi.

Note: Men can enjoy a good foot massage by a local at the marine drive. What else would you ask for? Women can try their luck if they’re interested and if the local masseur will be comfortable.

How to reach?

Take a cab to Marine drive directly. There you’re. The best thing for the last. Peaceful yet so beautiful.

9. Go Party (Optional)

I’m sure it must be hectic for you today but you can choose whether to go party or not.

How to reach?

Zomato it! It will be very much convenient for you to understand what’s around you and how far is it along with giving you information about kind of food served.

Well, that’s Mumbai for you. Hope you enjoy and make memories that last long in the city of dreams.

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