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Authentic 'Mexican Restaurants' in Mumbai that you must try!

Mexican Food is absolutely delicious and at the same time, very healthy. It is widely enjoyed by many, all over the world.

It is believed to have derived by the Mayan Indians who were apparently hunters and gatherers. Corn tortillas and bean paste were a common food item back then. However, Mexican cuisine has evolved over centuries, now. A lot of it has been influenced by Spanish after invading Mexico in 1521. Other cultures have also had a massive influence in what today is said to be Mexican cuisine. Caribbean, South American, French, West African and Portuguese to name a few. And because of this, the cuisine is extremely diverse (mix of different cultures) with an interesting history.

Authentic Mexican food is usually prepared with many of the same ingredients. The cuisine is vibrant, delectable, absolutely fun and fresh. In a nutshell, it is rich, colorful and spicy. Some of the most common ingredients used to prepare Mexican food are Beans, chilies, both fresh and dried, tomatoes, limes, coriander, red onion, avocado, and corn etc.

For all those who are Vegetarian and Vegan, this cuisine is indeed a treat. You will find a plethora of options, and you would want to have your hands on all of them coz they are so so so goooood....It is indeed an experience to have eaten Mexican Food.

Mumbai has many restaurants. Literally uncountable. But restaurants serving authentic Mexican are very very few. You can legit count them on your hands. Haha!

Here are the best ones that serve super amazing Mexican food.

It's this place that made me fall in love with Mexican Food. Sammy Sosa which is located in Oshiwara, is one of the oldest in the city that only cater to Mexican cuisine. The ambiance is also Mexican like, Red and green table, Yellow walls, pretty wall hangings and a huge Mexican hat which in Mexico is called a sombrero. The cuisine served here is even better.

Explorer's Ecstasy recommends: Godzilla Garlic Breads, Mexi Skin, Loaded Nachos, Fajitas etc

Just so you know, the staff here is super helpful and cordial. If you're muddled, they will help you decide what to order.

Where? Oshiwara, Andheri (West), Malad West and CBD Belapur. Refer to Zomato to find the nearest one.

Price for 2: Rs. 1800 without alcohol.

Sancho's is another restaurant for some authentic Mexican fiesta. Although there are limited vegetarian options here, whatever they have, is all finger licking good.

With every bite you take, you’re sure to fall in love with this cuisine.

The spacious and classy looking interiors, designed by Gauri Khan will only add to a lovely dining experience.

Just so you know, they import nacho chips all the way from Mexico. Truly authentic, isn’t it?

Explorer’s Ecstasy recommends: Nachos, Tacos, Fajitas (Just cannot miss out on this. They're delicious level up). Churros (The dips served with Churros are heavenly).

Where? Pali Hill Road, Khar (West)

Price for 2: Rs. 2000 without alcohol.

On a budget? New York Burrito Company is almost going to be a free treat for you. This restaurant best serves all the "Vegetarians and Jains" in the city. It is much like Chipotle (which is a popular tex-mex Joint in the United States of America.

What makes this place special is that you get to pick your ingredients (Subway style) that you wish to have in your burrito which is about 11 inch. No kidding! Or burrito bowl which can literally serve 2 or even 3. So filling!

All the ingredients they use are super fresh with no preservatives which makes it healthy. Yeyy! Tell your mama, not to worry about the healthy quotient.

BDW - Quick services. Thinking to parcel it for your fam? They do it in the best way possible.

PS- Guacamole, Sour cream and Salsa - You better have them in your Burrito or Bowl.

Explorer’s Ecstasy recommends: Fresh Burrito

Where? Several outlets all over Mumbai. Refer to Zomato to find the nearest one.

Price for 2: Rs. 600.

Mexican Express is Heaven on Earth for all the Vegetarians and Jains. Haha! This small eatery is also an influence of Chipotle (USA). So all you people who are back from the states, crave no more. This place is going to serve you some delish Mexican food. They have lots on their menu. Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas and even Burrito amongst many other. So what I’m saying is wait no more. Go and treat yourself to some vibrant and super tasty food from Mexican Express.

PS: Mexican Express is very tiny. So see to it that you go at the right time on a right day.

Explorer's Ecstasy recommends: Enchiladas, Quesadilla, Burrito and Mexican Pizza!

Where? Bandra and Lower Parel. Refer to Zomato to find the nearest one.

Price for 2: Rs. 800

Loca Lucho works a little differently. They're a delivery kitchen based out of Bandra. Time to enjoy some Mexi food at your own comfort. It is indeed a delight.

The menu is healthy and fresh, handcrafted by Celebrity Chef Gracian D'souza.

What best works is that you can build your own Burrito or Burrito Bowl choosing the ingredients of your choice amongst many that they have to offer. Soft shell taco, Fajitas etc are some other delights that you may want to have your hands on.

Want to order? Don't wait! Here you go - Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy and Scootsy.

Where? The delivery kitchen is located in Bandra. Delivery only**

Price for 2: Rs. 900.

Shopping and walking at a mall can surely get you hungry. Well, Taco Bell which is one of the biggest food chains in the states, is at your rescue. Treat your taste buds with flavorsome mexican meals offered by Taco Bell. They're absolutely appetizing. Especially their sauces, BAE! Indeed.

Explorer's Ecstasy recommends: Chalupas, Quesadillas, Tacos, 7 layer Burrito.

Where? Oberoi Mall - Goregaon East and R City Mall - Ghatkopar West.

Price for 2: Rs. 600.

Pretty much all about Mexican in Mumbai. Or should I say "Authentic Mexican"? Haha!

Mumbai has many many restaurants that serve Mexican cuisine however they aren't dedicated fully to this cuisine which is cbjgfkdsddgd! Sucks, isn't it?

Happy Mexican Food Trailing, you guys!

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